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High School Seniors - It’s scholarship time at Peach State Federal Credit Union!

For our 2021 Scholarship Program, we are awarding more than $167,000 in scholarships and educational grants. Our 19th Annual Legacy Student Scholarships are a part of this program.  These five $5,000 scholarships are given in honor of past and present Board members and employees who have served Peach State for 20 years or more.  They will be awarded to high school seniors who are pursuing a college degree in any field. All scholarship winners will be chosen by March 31, 2021, and notified shortly thereafter.

In order for students to be considered, completed applications and supporting documentation must be received by Peach State no later than February 26, 2021.  

 Scholarship Application

Please note: students should not submit multiple applications for our scholarships. Applications to more than one of our scholarships will not increase eligibility or chances of being selected.


If you have any questions, please feel free to contact:

Deborah Fancher

Peach State Federal Credit Union

Phone: 770.580.6089

Fax: 770.963.4066