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This year your password will reset to your birthdate. You will enter it in the form of MMDDYYYY. 

For example, if your birthday is March 19, 2012, you would use 03192012 for your password.


  1. Go to the student portal
  2. Enter your student ID number as the USER ID
  3. Enter your birthdate (MMDDYYYY) as the PASSWORD
  4. Click SIGN IN

You will be directed to click a link to access the Student Activation Page, please click the link.

You will be required to change your password on this screen

  1. Username: Student ID
  2. Birthday: MMDDYYYY
  3. New Password: Create a new password with at least 8 digits using letters, numbers, and/or symbols
  4. Confirm Password: Retype from above
  5. Click Change to complete

* If using a Chromebook, restart the device to log into your portal account.  Note: Clicking the "Click here to log in with your new password" will not work. 

Student Directions to Reset Password