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Student Handbook

As we approach the new school year, we want to make sure our students know what is expected of them. Please take a moment to review this information and the accompanying expectations.

Read our comprehensive student handbook for more information.

Dress Code

Students at Grayson High School are expected to dress in a manner that is supportive of a positive learning environment that is free of distractions and disruptions. Students will be expected to observe modes of dress and personal grooming that support the "First Comes Learning" atmosphere at GHS. Any form of dress which is considered contrary to good hygiene, or which is distracting or disruptive to the educational process will not be permitted. Parents are asked to assist the school by regularly monitoring their student's dress.

The following are specific dress code areas addressed: (This list is not all-inclusive.)

  1. Pants and shorts must be worn at the waist at all times and not be so large that the pants sag. No "muscle" shirts (sleeveless) and/or undershirts cut like muscle shirts or exposed sports bras are unacceptable. Shirts must be worn at all times while on school grounds.  This includes student-athletes.
  2. In accordance with GCPS Board policy regarding weapons, gangs, and drugs, clothing shall be free of inflammatory, suggestive, or other inappropriate writing, advertisement, or artwork. This includes but is not limited to offensive words and designs, violence (blood, death, and weapons), sex, hate groups, tobacco products, drugs, or alcohol.
  3. Clothing which is associated with gang activity is not acceptable. Students are not allowed to display clothing or symbols that have been identified by the Gwinnett County Police Gang Task Force as being commonly identified with criminal gangs. Garments, bandanas, jewelry, body art, and tattoos that communicate criminal gang allegiance are not to be displayed or worn at school, and no item may be worn in a manner that communicates criminal gang affiliation.
  4. Shorts, skirts, and dresses may NOT be any shorter than four inches from the TOP of the knee. No skirts, shorts, or pants with revealing splits or holes. No running shorts should be worn during regular school hours.  Any clothing that is immodest or too short is not permitted. No “sagging.”
  5. Leggings and bodysuits (long and short) may be worn with a shirt or dress that completely covers the student’s front and back.
  6. All types of head coverings are prohibited in the building during school hours. Visors, hats, bandanas, head coverings, sunglasses, and other items are not to be worn or brought to school by students. *Exceptions for religious or medical reasons to be granted by the principal.
  7. The following articles of clothing are not to be worn at GHS: bare midriff clothing, halter tops, strapless tops, backless tops, spaghetti straps, tank tops or clothing which exposes undergarments; see-through clothing, low-cut shirts, pajamas, pajama pants, or sleepwear of any kind are not allowed to be worn to school.
  8. Shoes must be worn on campus at all times. Bedroom slippers/shoes are not allowed.
  9. We encourage students not to wear flip-flops or slides for safety reasons.
  10. Blankets and/or pillows are not to be brought to school.

Dress code will be monitored and reported by first period teachers to the discipline clerk.

Dress Code Violation Consequences:

1st – 2nd  Offence . . . Written Warning

*3rd or More . . . Administrative Consequence

Absent Without Official Leave (AWOL) From School or Class

A student may not leave school grounds after his/her arrival on campus without the permission of a duly authorized school official. Students who leave campus without checking out or who are absent without their parent's knowledge will be considered AWOL from school. Students who do not have permission to be out of class are considered AWOL from class. Students absent from class 10 or more minutes are AWOL. AWOL consequences are as follows:

1st  - 2nd AWOL . . . Administrative Conference and Counselor referral

3rd  AWOL . . . Administrative Conference, ISS, and Social Worker referral

4th or more AWOL . . . ISS/OSS/Loss of Extracurricular Privileges (ballgames, homecoming, prom, etc.)

Parking Rules and Regulations for AWOL:

On your 1st AWOL . . . Warning

On your 2nd AWOL . . . 2-Week Parking Suspension

On your 3rd AWOL . . . Loss of parking for the remainder of the school year.


Students are considered tardy if they arrive to school or class after the designated late bell has sounded. All students late to school are to report directly to the attendance office at the front entrance. Students tardy to class should report to designated tardy pass areas. Attendance personnel will classify all tardies excused or unexcused and issue a pass to class. Unexcused tardies to school and class are combined for disciplinary purposes and consequences are as follows: 

1st - 7th tardy . . . Warning

8th - 9th tardy . . . Administrative Conference, Parent Conference, and Counselor referral

10th – 19th tardy . . . ISS/loss of extracurricular privileges (ballgames, homecoming, prom, etc.)

On the 10th tardy, students will receive a 2-week parking suspension

On the 12th tardy, students will receive a 4-week or remainder of semester parking suspension

On the 15th tardy, students will lose parking for the remainder of the school year

20 or more tardies . . . OSS and SST Meeting with School Social worker