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National Art Honor Society

Mrs. Zamora with her students and the mural at GCPD headquarters Grayson's National Art Honor Society students have worked the past two years on creating a mural for the Gwinnett County Police Department.  It was a service project agreed upon by 2017-18's NAHS and continued for new artists into the 2018-19 school year.  The students wanted to give back to the police department after discussing the many unfortunate events that have resulted in a negative view of those that risk their lives to protect us.  This stirred up many discussions between students and became a very valuable learning experience not only in how they could make a positive impact with their art, but also in how they could learn to see the many sides of a particular issue and have respectful conversations, not arguments.  It was finally completed in May 2019 and on Thursday, June 6th, the students had the opportunity to gift the mural and present it to the Gwinnett County Police Department at their headquarters in Lawrenceville.