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PTA: The Holiday Gift Shop

The Holiday Gift Shop

Learn more about Holiday Shop here!


Dear Parents,

We are inviting you and your child to participate in the upcoming VIRTUAL Holiday Gift Shop program
at your school. This program makes it possible for children to experience the joy of choosing their own special holiday gifts for family and friends from the comfort of their own home!

We believe this program will create wonderful memories for your child while teaching them to budget their money and make their own decisions. With your help, your child can log into our school website where they will be able to view and purchase a large variety of gifts in many different price ranges. You will have the opportunity to review the total amount spent before checking out. All gifts will include a free gift bag for wrapping!

Thank you for supporting our school!

Follow these steps:

1. Visit or click on link below:
2. Click on the "enter here" button
3. Click on the hallway door and enter code: go9731