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Summer Gifted Opportunities

Summer Gifted Opportunities Outside of GCPS                                                                                                     

Please click HERE to preview summer enrichment opportunities and activities for gifted and high-ability students. Students can benefit greatly by participating in summer enrichment opportunities and activities. Examples of academic, social, and personal benefits may include:


  • Studying topics of interest at an in-depth level.

  • Exploring potential college majors, fields of study, and careers.

  • Continuing the learning momentum from the academic school year.

  • Learning about topics that extend beyond the school curriculum.

  • Increasing academic motivation and goals.

  • Participating in hands-on and practical academic activities.

  • Becoming familiar with a new learning environment.


  • Engaging in high-level discourse with other motivated students.

  • Meeting students from different schools, regions, states, and countries.

  • Developing lasting friendships with peers who share similar interests.

  • Discussing areas of interest in an in-depth manner with other participants.

  • Learning in a collaborative and cooperative environment.


  • Enhancing self-confidence through accomplishing goals.

  • Gaining new perspectives and ideas about society.

  • Enhancing intrapersonal skills.

  • Discovering personal characteristics and qualities.

  • Developing an increased sense of self.

Please contact the Accelerated Programs & Gifted Office if you have any questions.