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Digital Learning Day

GCPS has 52 schools that will be used for voting on Tuesday, December 6, for the Runoff Election between Sen. Raphael Warnock and Herschel Walker for one of Georgia’s U.S. Senate seats. 

To provide the highest levels of safety for all schools and students, and to allow GCPS principals, election board officials, and district support staff to provide the conditions for an efficient election, Dec. 6 has been designated as a Digital Learning Day (DLD).

On this specially scheduled DLD, students access lessons in eCLASS but do not have virtual class time with their teachers.

To ensure that students have a nutritious breakfast and lunch to fuel their learning, our bus drivers will be on the road and at every bus stop to deliver meals prepared by the School Nutrition Program staff. 

Families should expect buses to run their routes from approximately 10:45 a.m. to noon, beginning at the first stops on the route. These delivered meals are provided at no cost to families and are available to anyone 18 years old and under.