The Educational Effectiveness Student Survey (EES)

The Educational Effectiveness Survey (EES) measures what students in grades 3-12 think about their school experience, asking about their school, practices that affect student learning, and how well their school is performing.  The student survey will be available to Gwinnett County Public Schools’ students between January 19 and February 3.

The student feedback collected from this survey will help our schools as they seek to better support the needs of each and every one of our students.  This survey should take approximately 15 minutes for most students to complete.  As part of our process, school district leaders wanted to make parents and caregivers aware of this survey, familiarize them with the questions students would be asked, and offer the opportunity for them to opt their child out of taking the survey.

Click here to preview the survey questions.

Click here for information on how to opt out if you do not want your child to participate in the EES Student Survey.  You may complete this process online, using the GCPS Parent Portal, or provide the request in writing to your child’s school by Wednesday, January 18th.