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get Georgia reading

From the Director

Summer for all our Georgia readers begins May 6. That's when every child, parent and guardian, educator, and librarian in Georgia will have access to a free digital library of more than 10,000 books and engaging daily news articles through Aug. 31, thanks to the generosity of Renaissance myON.

Georgia's children and their families in 134 counties took advantage of this wonderful resource last summer and spent 927,344 minutes reading 66,614 books. Let's shatter our record and aim for 1 million minutes and 70,000 books in 159 counties in 2019.

Next month, we'll lead you to summer resources as you begin working with local partners to ensure that our children remain safe, well fed, and supported when school's out. Until then, spread the word about Renaissance myON and share your book reviews on social media using #SchoolsOutGA and #SummerSlide.

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Get Georgia Reading