Chromebook Checkouts

Chromebooks Due May 19th - 21st

This is a reminder that if your child has a Chromebook checked out from Minor Elementary. The Chromebook(s) are due back to Minor Tuesday May 19th –  Thursday May 21stChromebooks will be collected when you come to Minor at your schedule time to collect your child's school personal belongings, drop off text books or library books. Please see the schedule below.


Directions for parents:

  • Drive up to the bus lane during their assigned time.
  • Do not leave your vehicle during pick-up. (No students or family members will be permitted to exit their vehicle or congregate with others).
  • Write your Last Name, First name and Teacher name on a piece of paper in bold marker and place the sign where it is visible through your vehicle’s windshield.
  • School personnel will come to the window of the car to read the name of student.
  • When directed, remotely pop the trunk or hatch. Personnel will place the student’s items in the vehicle and pick up any items that need to be returned to the school.

Grade level Pick-up times and dates:

Tuesday May 19th

9-10 A.M.                    Pre K/Kindergarten,

10:30 -11:30 A.M.       First Grade

1-2 P.M.                      Second Grade

Wednesday May 20th

9-10 A.M.                    Third Grade

10:30 -11:30 A.M.       Fourth Grade

1-2 P.M.                         Fifth Grade

Thursday May 21st

9-11 A.M.     If you could not make your previously assigned date and time, you can come at this time. 


If you were not able to make it on any of these designated times, we ask that call Minor ES at (770) 925-9543 to set up an appointment for return/collection.

Any Chromebooks not returned will be charged to your child’s school account.