Corley Milestones Assessment Information

Corley Milestones Assessment Information

The Georgia Milestones End of Grade Assessments will be administered to Corley students from April 22-May 17. Students, who are currently learning digitally, need to register by Monday, April 12. Only digital learning students, who have pre-registered will be able to take the Milestones Assessments. 


Testing Schedule (April 22-May 17)

3rd Grade:  5/5, 5/6, 5/7, 5,12, 5/13

4th Grade:  4/29, 5/3, 5/4, 5/10, 5/11

5th Grade:  4/22, 4/26, 4/27, 4/28, 5/17, 5/18


About the Georgia Milestones Assessments

In GCPS, schools administer the Georgia Milestones End of Grade Assessments to students in grades 3-5 to measure achievement in reading, language arts, mathematics, and science (5th grade only). Testing will be administered over three to five days depending on the grade level. Test results will be used to help teachers and schools better understand the impact COVID-19 has had on student learning. 

Please contact Ms. Knox for information regarding digital students taking the Milestones Assessments. 

Corley Elementary School: (678) 924-5330