NSLW Visit to Northbrook MS

NSLW Visit to Northbrook MS

On Thursday, October 17, 2019, Northbrook MS hosted the "Tast of Cafe Gwinnett". Visitors from the GaDOE and USDA were in attendance.

GaDOE Attendess included:

Dr. Linette Dodson, School Nutrition Director

Kelley Toon, Academic Nutritionist

Trae Cown, Area Consultant

Kelli Cook, Strategic Marketing & Communications

Ellen Bennett, Communications Specialist

USDA Attendees included:

Mr. Willie Taylor, SERO Reginal Administrato

Jackie Romain, SERO Public Affairs Representative

Sean Monahan, SERO School Nutrition Program Branch

Schools Branch Staff (4-5 Attendees)

NSLW Visit