Managing our Most Valuable Resource - Time

Posted by Dr. Jonathon Wetherington on 2/17/2019 5:00:00 PM

As I sit down on a Sunday afternoon to prepare for the week ahead like so many teachers and administrators around the country and world, I find myself reflecting on the time ahead of us in the school year (12 weeks as of today) and the time gone by.  Just like other educators, I wonder if we have used time in the best way possible and how we might be able to use the next few days and weeks ahead to help our students learn and grow. I wonder how I can help teachers and students use time in better and different ways that lead to high levels of student achievement.  While this reflection on time and how it is used is a source of angst for many educators, it is a source of hope for me, and time is a source of hope for Paul Duke STEM High School!


This weekend, I read this article (“Time Is an Essential Teacher Resource, So How Can Schools Be More Creative With It?” in MindShift, February 2019, and the quote below struck me.

“Time is one of the most powerful levers for change in a school. Everything about how a school runs, from where staff go, to when they have breaks and collaborative time, to what classes students can take, is based on how leaders schedule the limited time within a school day, week, and year.” - Katrina Schwartz in “Time Is an Essential Teacher Resource, So How Can Schools Be More Creative With It?” in MindShift, February 2019,


This article and quote served as a reminder of how important time is for both teachers and students, and how schools are responsible for how we schedule and use that time. At Paul Duke STEM, we leverage a very unique schedule to maximize time spent learning in the classroom, and nowhere is that more evident than on our Fridays.  On our Flexible Learning Fridays, we have the opportunity to allow our students to truly focus on their learning in personalized ways. We provide digital lessons, face-to-face tutoring, hands-on experiences and so much more. As I reflect back upon the school year, I am excited about what we have accomplished, and I am hopeful about what lies ahead, especially on Fridays.  With the flexibility our Flexible Learning Fridays provide, we can take our students to new heights, and it’s it about TIME for that!


Thanks for #TrailblazingTogether!

Dr. Wetherington