Things to do at home with your children

Things to Do At Home With Your Children


Encourage your child's creative side

Children can sometimes express themselves better through movement or artwork than they can in words. To encourage your child's artistic self-expression, provide a variety of materials for art projects. Give her a place to work where it's OK if she makes a mess. Expose her to creative works by others, too. You can visit an art museum's website, and watch virtual plays, concerts, and dance performances.



No-nag strategies help your child keep track of responsibilities

Nobody likes to be nagged. But kids need to be reminded of their responsibilities once in a while. Here are some no-nag solutions: Teach your child to write tasks on a to-do list in order of importance and cross them off as they are finished. You can also make a job chart that lists responsibilities when they should be done and by whom. Then you can just point to the chart. Or create a "daily reminder box" that family members can check.