Digital Box Tops Collection

Box Tops Is Changing - Box Tops for Education is changing!! They are moving to a “No More Clipping” program. That is right, they have created an app where you can simply scan your receipts and the money from the Box Tops will go directly to the school’s account. We will be sponsoring a special digital Box Tops Collection on October 8th–November 7th. In celebration of this new App, we are going to hold a special drawing on November 8, 2019. We will be giving away 5 $10 Target gift cards!!! To enter the drawing, from Oct. 8 - Nov. 7, simply forward the email confirmation you get from Box Tops once you have scanned a receipt that earns Box Tops to Each forwarded email will earn you 1 entry into the drawing. Receipts must be scanned within 14 days of purchase. Watch this video or visit to see how easy the app is to use.