2022 07 29 Curriculum Night Information

Curriculum Night Information

We enjoyed seeing many parents on campus for our extended Meet Your Teacher event this year. Our hope is that the extra hours allowed you to spend more time with your student’s teachers.

Once again this year we are hosting a virtual Curriculum Night event. Rather than having parents arriving on campus at a specific time on a particular date and walking to each of your student's classrooms, teachers will be recording short videos to share information about their courses that you can watch from home. We anticipate this information will be emailed to parents on Friday, August 26.

We are hopeful this will give you the information you desire about your student’s classes with the flexibility that is possible with recorded videos. (You can watch them whenever your schedule allows.) In addition, if you have multiple children at NHS, you will be able to learn about each class for each student, which is not possible at a traditional Curriculum Night model.

We are hopeful this updated format will be helpful to you. If you have questions for our teachers before or after our virtual/recorded Curriculum Night event, please reach out to them directly. You will probably find that email is the best way to reach our staff. Many parents find using the links in the Parent Portal to send emails the quickest way to contact teachers.