BOY without Supplies

Butcher's Choice School FundraiserSteak

Butcher's Choice supplies premium quality meats with a 100% quality product guarantee! There are several options to choose from so that you can customize your selection to what best fits the needs of your family.... steaks, chicken, pork, and seafood are available! Please note that 40% of sales go directly to Shiloh ES, so you can really make a difference just by eating good food!  This is an ongoing fundraiser, so you can order at any time! Click here for more information on how to order!


AKS at Home: Family Engagement Links

The GCPS AKS at Home project provides math and language arts resources to support families so that they truly are partners in their children’s learning. This support is available for families to access in the format that fits your schedule best. Families can attend live virtual meetings, view recorded information, or gain tips and suggestions through tip sheets on a wide variety of topics.  More information and attendance links can be found here on the GCPS website.


The Plan...The Promise.

Read about how SES plans to work together with students and families to provide the best learning opportunities.