Phoenix HS Enrollment

Are You Interested in Attending Phoenix High School?

In order to attend Phoenix as a full-time student, you can sign up for and attend a New Student/Parent Orientation at Phoenix High School or you may contact the front office at Phoenix for additional registration options.  Call the front office at 770.513.6862 for a June/July appointment!

  • To sign up for one of the New Student/Parent Orientations, visit the Phoenix website at, and click the New Students icon. 
  • Remember -- You MUST pre-register online for one of the orientation dates in order to attend an orientation.  Space is limited, so please register early! 
  • Students should only bring one parent/guardian to orientations and appointments ~ Students MUST BE PRESENT at the registration appointment.  Parent/guardian required for students age 17 or younger.

Phoenix HS Parent Flyer