Does my child have a supply list? Please check the student's e-class page for individual class lists. A General Supply list is as follows:

  • 3 Three Ring Binder (1 inch or larger)
  • Folders for each class to keep organized
  • Dividers
  • Notebook Paper
  • One compostion notebook
  • Pencils (regular pencils or mechanical)
  • Blue or black ink pens
  • Highlighters
  • Markers – For projects/classwork
  • Colored Pencils – For projects/classwork
  • Glue Sticks – For projects/classwork
  • Ruler – For your projects/classwork
  • Index Cards – For creating study materials.
  • Kleenex- can be brought to one of the teachers or the Academy office
  • Hand Sanitizer

During the first week of school, your child's teachers will let them know of any course-specific materials.

Where can I find my student's schedule?

The Student VUE app. This can be located under apps when a student first logs into their portal. The icon is right above the green e-class button. This will be available for open house on Friday July 29th. 

StudentVUE App Information

Can my student change their elective class? 

No, students had the opportunity to request schedule changes last semester. Changes are only made if the student has already received credit for the class. 

What are the school hours?

Beginning Wednesday August 3 school will begin at 7:10 am and end at 2:10 pm.

What if I have a new email address?

Email address changes can be made by emailing Sarah.Newton@gcpsk12.org. 

How does my student get their ID for the cafeteria?

ID's will be given to students at the beginning of the school year. If your students lose it them, please have them go to the 9th grade Academy office. 

StudentVUE App Information

Where do I find my student's school email address? 

Students should log into the portal and click on the link for G-suites for education located in the middle of the page. This will take them to their Google drive. From here, they should click on the waffle in the top right-hand corner and select Gmail. This will take them to their school Gmail account. 

My student is struggling with academics. Whom should I contact?

Please contact the student's teacher directly via e-mail. Teachers know your student best and are able to assist you with academic concerns and extra help. 

My student forgot something at home. Could I drop it off at  school?  

There is a table near the front office in which you can drop off something for your student. Please label the item and let your student know it is there. 


Is lunch still free for all students? 

No, parents will need to submit the free and reduced form on the cafeteria web page.