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Gwinnett County Public Schools

Adapted Sports Program

Wheelchair Cyclists

The Gwinnett HEAT is the coed, adapted sports program for Gwinnett County Public Schools. The adapted sports program gives physically-impaired students an opportunity to participate in athletic competitions.

Gwinnett County Public Schools supports the idea of providing sports opportunities for all student athletes. The system recognizes some student athletes cannot participate in regular athletics due to a physical disability or orthopedic impairment either acquired at birth or from an accident.


Sports Schedules of Seasons

As a member program of the American Association of Adapted Sports Programs, the Gwinnett HEAT participate in the following sports seasons:
Fall: Wheelchair Handball
Winter: Wheelchair Basketball
Spring: Wheelchair Football

Contact Information

Interested students, parents, and family members should contact Mike Phillips, Area Coordinator for the Adapted Sports Program at 678-301-6885 or email Mike Phillips.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Gwinnett HEAT Team High-Fiving
Students in a Gym
2010 Gwinnett HEAT Championship
Gwinnett HEAT Trophy Celebration

Gwinnett HEAT Trophy Celebration