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Gwinnett County Public Schools

Rule 8: Disregard of Directions or Commands

A student shall not fail to comply with reasonable directions or commands of teachers, student teachers, substitute teachers, teacher aides, administrators, school bus drivers, or other authorized school personnel.

The prohibited behaviors include, but are not limited to, the following:

Student Infractions and Behavioral Responses

SRO Notification: Rules marked with an “X” require the local school administrator to notify the SRO. If a rule is marked with “XX,” the SRO will notify the District Attorney’s office.


Rule 8



Description of Violation






Notify SRO



Failure to follow directions or commands of staff;

I, II or III



Failure to follow written directions, local school rules or regulations;

I, II or III



Failure to serve an administrative consequence (ex. Administrative Detention, Saturday School);





Other: (list)

I or II